Special Events

We would love to attend your school or church function! We bring 2 completely safe and level headed horses that we use as therapy horses here on the farm, to teach the community about horse care and the benefits of therapeutic riding. Kids can brush the horses, get a chance to ride on one and steal a special kiss or hug from one of equine therapy partners.

Either we can come to your function or you can bring your class or school to us for a field trip or CBI trip through the public school system.





Equine Special Olympics

The State Equine Special Olympics is a yearly equine competition event where many programs throughout the state come to show off their skills. Therapeutic riding encourages team work, improves social skills and works on independence and self confidence in unpredictable situations. These skills are brought into real life situations and used throughout the riders every day lives.

2019 Special Olympics was a BLAST! We took a group of 6 horses, 8 athletes, 12 volunteers with us. For the most part, the weather was beautiful, our horses were amazing and all of our athletes showed their best and won ribbons and medals in every class they showed in. Thank you so very much to Cherokee Feed and Seed in ball Ground, GA. for their generous donations.

As you can see, it really takes a team to get our little group to the Special Olympics every year.

2020 Special Olympics was cancelled due to Corona Virus and we have not attended Special Olympics because of the restrictions that were put on all of the competitors. We are looking towards the future!

PLEASE email lynn@brechtstables.org if you are interested in donating and getting your logo on our website and FaceBook page


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Dustin’s Place is one of the only therapeutic riding programs in the county.