Dustin’s Place functions smoothly because of the generous donations of time and money from our volunteers.You do not need to have any experience with horses to volunteer, but you must not be afraid of horses to assist in the barn. If you would rather stay out of the barn, we could also use your office or fund raising talents.

Please call or email Lynn if you are interested in helping out.

Equine Volunteers

If you have a horse that you think would be perfect for the program, we would like to use him or her on a trail basis for a month to 6 weeks to ensure he will work for the program. Your horse must be current on all shots and coggins before it is allowed on the property. You are also responsible for all feed, veterinary, and farrier services while the horse is in our care. All of our horses stay out 24/7, and there is plenty of grass for all to enjoy.


Brecht Stables & Dustin’s Place are always accepting donations!


Recent Donors:
    • All of our 2013 indiegogo fundraiser participants.
    • Daniel White with the Cumming Kiwanis Club has helped us on multiple levels and donated the space to hold the 2012 Dinner with Santa
    • Cindy and Tommy Costello provided food and cooked for the 2012 Dinner with Santa
    • Alan Brown donated food and cakes for our 2012 Dinner with Santa
    • Santa Scott was an amazing Santa during our 2012 Dinner with santa
    • Bill Chafin with Reachout America– cash donation
    • Christina Cox- cash donation
    • Back Yard Burgers– donated food for our open house
    • Mark and Bonnie Patrick- Designed and built our mounting ramp
    • Cherokee Feed & Seed for always supporting us and donating all feed and bedding for the weekend
    • Shakaway for sponsoring us with Special Olympics 2014 and 2015