Goat Yoga

Come join the fun!

Goat Yoga is catching on fast and the session are filling up even faster. Who wouldn’t want to relax and snuggle up with a baby goat?!

Our goats are all very tame and fun, 4H goats that love to bounce, eat and do yoga. Did you know that most 4H kids show Boer Goats in Georgia? Us either… oops. We went into our first year of 4H with a breed called the Kiko. Kiko goats are known for their great mothering ability, resistance to worms and just over all stellar health. The whole goat thing was started with my younger son, Timothy and a great friend from Clarkrange, Tennessee named Mrs Joan and her goats- Cedar Creek Kiko Farm. I like to blame Mrs. Joan for making us knee deep in the Kiko world, but secretly I think its pretty cool too.

Come join in the goat yoga frenzy and support theses kids and their 4H projects! We have special Mommy and Me events, monthly goat yoga sessions and coming soon- a Goat and Wine event.

Next event is July 10th at 9am and 10:30am. Each session is 45/1 hour goat yoga session with 15 minutes after for extra goat yoga selfies. Please wear something that you do not mind getting chewed on or a little dirty and put your hair up. Bring only a water bottle and your phone into the session as goats love to taste literally everything. There are no refunds- if you cant make the session, we can put you on the calendar for our next session.

See this eventbrite link to sign up for the next session-Eventbrite Tickets