Sleep-Away Camp

Day Camps and Sleep Away Camps


Sleep Away Camps- Dustin’s Place offers an adventure based, experiential camp for children and adults with developmental delays. Licensed professionals and college seniors who are earning their degree in PT, SLP, OT, Music or Psych are on staff daily and working with our campers. Specific goals for each child are met by experiential play and equine work. Set on a 200 acre working cattle ranch in Clarkrange, Tennessee, campers will have their own horse to care for through the week, sleep in male and female divided bunk houses with male and female staff in each room. Our 2:1 camper:staff ratio ensures our ability to give individual attention to each camper. Improving small and large motor skills by stomping through the creek, playing baseball and making crafts for the petting zoo and wildlife. Your child will join in stories of Bigfoot and great Native Americans as we build a wonderful world of magic and mystery by being able to touch and see nature, all while secretly building on the goals set before camp by the parents, therapists and your child’s school.

This type of camp will benefit children and adults with:

  • Disabilities in learning, developmental or mobility
  • Nonverbal or apraxia
  • Expressive and receptive speech deficiencies
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Aperts Syndrome
  • Down Syndrome
  • Auditory Processing Disorder
  • Sensory Processing Disorder

Individuals who attend camp with Dustin’s Place has the chance to:

  • Build lifelong friendships
  • Improve small motor skills
  • Improve large motor skills
  • Learn self help skills
  • Learn or improve coping strategies
  • Better ready campers for real life transitions into work or education
  • Recognize social skills
  • Build relationships with animals such as horses, dogs and cats
  • Improve group skills
  • Improve self confidence
  • Improve independence

Program activities include:

  • Daily horse therapy
  • Fishing
  • Flag/team building
  • Painting on horses
  • Rock skipping
  • Hiking
  • Trail riding
  • Blow darts
  • 3 man sling shots
  • Dance parties and talent contests
  • Compass reading
  • Outdoor scavenger Hunts
  • Archery


Drop off and pick up will be at our farm, 6737 Concord Rd Cumming, GA 30028

20% off if you sign up before March 1st or 5% off if you sign up before April 1st. Remaining balance on due May 1st. Write check to Brecht Stables 6580 Riley Rd Cumming, GA 30028


**Camp Packet**

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Day Camps-

A camp director that is certified in CPR/First Aid will be in attendance at each camp and camp ratio is kept at 2 students to 1 counselor. Each camper will learn how to take care of their own horse by cleaning stalls, brushing, tacking up and building a relationship with his or her very own horse for the week. We will enjoy horse related crafts and team building activities. Each day we will also spend a lot of time on horseback, learning how to maneuver the horses through certain obstacle courses while  improving core strength, gross and fine motor skills and learning patience and direction following. While following adventures around the property, we can trail ride and walk through a small section of woods to look for Big Foot!